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If you must be a walking billboard, why not actually 'say' something?

Our shirt designs concentrate primarily on the promotion of critical thinking, challenging the status quo or just a creative outlet for our warped little heads.

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There's a little something for EVERYBODY!

We are registered with the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition and maintain a cat colony on our property. To date we have trapped, neutered and released 32 stray and feral cats and a large portion of our shirts sales go to caring for them. We also assist others around the city with their strays and feral cats.

We have raised $500 for the No Kill SA organization and provided custom designed shirts for Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue / Rehab and for The Humane Society of West Texas with much more involvement to come soon....


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DIOS is based out of San Antonio, Texas. 
                                                   All t-shirts are hand screen printed upon order.
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